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Advanced Random Slideshow Gallery

Posted by: pcadmin on Jul 18, 2011

This is what you need if you're looking for a stylish gallery, but in the same time full of nowadays features. FWDesign created a 100% XML driven gallery with a unique layout that can adapt on every resolution.

Another great option of this gallery is its possibility of view on any Mobile/Tablet/or touch screen devices or its usability in WordPress, Joomla, Facebook or any kind of HTML content.

You can change its color theme, you can add as many photo as necessary, or you can format just the way you wish the photo description window or buttons. Also, it has a fully keyboard support and several options for setting the perfect slideshow.

Truly a bright solution for presenting your products, that will bring an incresed value to them. View the live demonstration, and just enjoy the way of browsing. Your slideshow gallery search has come to an end, get now this amazing asset for your products!