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Most promising author of the month: devarai

Posted by: pcadmin on Jun 05, 2011

Although he's nearly reaching only one year of FlashComponents.net experience, devarai has really started to show what he can do. Although a young freelancer from Munich, he has many years of experience in professional Flash development.

Among his samples you will only find the ones that are really smooth in design, cool and with clear source code. Two of his newest files impressed us through their simplicity, but great utility: Shoutcast MP3 Radio Player and Multimedia Accordion Panel.

The first one is a live .mp3 radio player that supports direct, but also PHP relay streaming. The Multimedia Accordion Panel can be the right solution if you're looking to show in a fashionable way your movies or pictures to the audience. You don't need to worry about scaling or playing the files, because the component has the available settings ready for that

But this is not all. Through devarai portfolio you'll also find fun components like ColorPicker V2,  Animated Preloaders or a nice creative logo like this Steamy Hot Cup of Coffee. To convince, go ahead and check his live portfolio or become one of his Flash friends through his facebook profile.