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Ultimate XML 3D Thumb Wall Gallery

Posted by: pcadmin on Jul 19, 2011

How about offering a 3D experience to your website viewers? It's easy and possible with the new Ultimate XML 3D Thumb Wall Gallery. It's a 3D Gallery with all it takes for a unique and memorable presentation. It can be used as a 3D photo grid, a 3D photo album or a 3D image viewer in the shape of a 3D wall. See the live demonstration to experience it!

If others galleries restrict your way of showcasing, this one is definitely conquers the established limits. You can have any number of images, and any number of columns and rows (e.g you can have 10 columns and 2 rows).

Another creative aspect that FWDesign introduced is the flipping way of the images when you click them for inserting the desired description or text.

Beside all that, this XML driven gallery has tens of useful features. You can insert any type of picture, set the thumb width and height, number of rows and columns or the buttons color and so on. Also, you can have multiple thumbWall3D instances in the same page of your project or website. Fascinate your viewers and get now this special gallery!