Fluent Panda — Forget about forgetting languages

Published on April 7th, 2015 at 10:05 pm


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We know that many of you are working on your English and even learning other languages to better support your files, or further your business. Now you can kick start your language fluency with the help of a fellow DevelopGo member.


Philip Seifi, one of the earliest contributors to DevelopGo, launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new language learning app, and it’s already been 50% funded and featured as a Staff Pick!


With Fluent Panda, you will learn foreign languages through interactive, tweet-length lessons optimized for your smartphone, review efficiently using scientifically proven spaced-repetition algorithms, help the underprivileged in developing countries learn English for free, and grow your own virtual panda in the process.


Rather than building yet another one-size-fits-all, get-fluent-quick methodology, Philip and his team are building a product perfectly adapted for a single platform (mobile) and a particular type of user (busy self-learner). It’s easy to learn from during a commute, and perfectly suited for a quick catch-up review when the time is right.


If you’re already learning or plan to learn a second language, be sure to back Fluent Panda on Kickstarter and finally forget about forgetting!


Hugo Fashion Shop Template for People with Style

Published on July 24th, 2014 at 5:37 pm


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Are you running an online shop for clothes, shoes, accessories and other fashion related items? This is your lucky day because you have just stumbled upon a simple yet elegant eCommerce design based on HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery. This Hugo Fashion Shop template is ready to be implemented on any eCommerce platform such as Opencart.

Fashion Hugo Shop

Take a look at the live preview and you will see a design that is not only stylish but also responsive. More and more people are using mobile devices to surf the internet nowadays. This being said, it makes perfect sense to optimize your website for mobile users. Fortunately, you don’t have to put any efforts into making this happen because the design is 100% responsive. This means it will rearrange the elements of a page so that it looks as nice on a 17” screen as it looks on a 4.5” smartphone display.

There are 2 different homepage templates in case you get bored with one of them. The custom Google Web Fonts add an extra spark of elegance to the overall design. The package includes 14 different pages in total and comes with advanced jQuery effects and plugin integration. The social buttons truly help with social media integration of the website without which an ecommerce design is absolutely useless. The template also includes a customizable Facebook fanbox and a Twitter box.

The design is compatible with many browsers such as Internet Explorer versions 9, 10, and 11, Opera, Safari, and Google Chrome. The Nivo slider allows you to display product photos in an attractive and professional manner. There is a place on the top of the page dedicated for your logo, an absolutely mandatory part of any design.

The price of a personal license for this great fashion shop design is only $12.


Coming Soon: FlashComponents Becomes DevelopGo

Published on July 21st, 2014 at 10:58 pm


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DeveloperGoDeveloperGoDeveloperGoScreenShot004DeveloperGoDeveloperGoThis is the hot news of the summer: FlashComponents will soon undergo an extreme makeover to become DevelopGo, a place where developers of all kinds will find everything they need for their projects including the chance to promote their own creations and presentation websites. Web developers, web designers, webmasters, software or games developers, they are all welcome to market their unique products on

DeveloperGoApart from the PSD themes and templates for which the site currently offers support, you will find many other design elements such as flyers, brushes, illustrations, icons, and textures. Actually, you are free to upload such products on FlashComponents even though DevelopGo is yet to be launched. Stay tuned for more news about this fabulous change.



The Fashion Metro Shop Template

Published on July 20th, 2014 at 5:59 pm


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An interactive shopping template is now available at for as little as $7. Based on the Bootstrap CSS framework, the Fashion Metro Shop HTML Template is perfect for online shops that sell clothes, footwear, accessories and alike but it can be adapted to virtually any kind of online store. Moreover, the template is also great for fashion designers, media agencies, and photographers who are looking for a cost efficient way to showcase their products.

By clicking the live preview button at the above site, you will notice at a glance the exceptional combination of colors meant to please the eye. The layout is flexible, clean and invites you to stay a little longer on the page.

Fashion Metro Template

At the top, you have a colorful menu containing the home page and categories like products for men, products for women, gifts, footwear and so on. These are easily customizable so that they fit your purposes. The main pages of the template are: homepage, product list, product map, product details, cart checkout and contact. The contact form is fully functional and powered by Ajax.

You will see in the upper right corner a search bar which is a crucial part of any online store design. Near the search bar there are two buttons: one allows you to commute between site versions translated in different languages, and the other commutes between currencies, which is important if you want to ship in various countries. There are several filters to sort the products:  by category, by price, discounts, best sellers etc.

The template is functional in Opera, Safari, Chrome, IE 9, IE 10, IE 11. The package contains the following files: CSS, HTML, JS, PHP. You don’t have to know much about programming languages to implement the template, it can be used by any non-technical person.


Universal Grid Gallery Only $6

Published on July 17th, 2014 at 6:05 pm


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Do you have some amazing photos do display on your site and you are looking for the perfect template to help your accomplish this? Look no further because this Universal Grid Gallery is exactly what you need.

If you take a couple of minutes to look at a live preview of the template you will see how the entire page is covered in photos. When you roll the mouse over the pics, an image caption is displayed to clear things up for the visitor.

A great perk of this product is that it is fully responsive. When the visitor resizes the browser, the images are rearranged in an orderly and pleasant manner so that nothing looks out of place. This enhances user experience making them want to return to your page.

Universal Grid Gallery

The responsiveness comes in handy when you target mobile users. Many people complain about dealing with navigation issues when they surf the web using their tablet or smartphone. Things don’t look as neat as on desktop displays, which creates confusion and even frustration.

The grid gallery is compatible with Twitter Bootstrap and you will have no problems integrating it in your site’s pages. There is a lightbox with slideshow that you can pause, play or set on auto-play. Another feature of the template is the ability to link images to external pages. However, if you don’t set up external links for images, clicking on it will open the slideshow displaying an upsized picture.

At the top of the page there is a menu that allows you to easily navigate through the site. Clicking on the “Load more images” button from the bottom of the page will load pictures that are not otherwise shown. This allows you to keep page loading time to a minimum displaying only the best of your photos.

The template is cross-browser compatible and comes with extensive documentation. The files included in the package are CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.


Only $10 for a Photo-Video HTML5 Template

Published on July 13th, 2014 at 6:09 pm


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People who need awesome online portfolios consisting of pictures and videos will thank the guys who created this Photo-Video HTML5 Template sold for as little as $10, this being the price for a personal license.

Photographers, video creators, photo editing experts, and web designers will find this product to be a real asset. However, this template integrates perfectly in any type of business. Do you build houses, decorate gardens or interiors, or you just simply want to show a bunch of photos on your site? This photo-video HTML 5 template will definitely do the job.

Photo-Video Template

The template runs smoothly in all popular browsers like Chrome, Safari, IE11 etc. and has a fluid layout. You don’t need to be a technical person to put this template on your website because things are pretty intuitive. Apart from this, the package contains plenty of documentation for you to figure things out.

After a few seconds looking at the live preview of the product, you will notice an impressive slideshow that moves the photos depending on your cursor position. This makes navigation pretty easy and straightforward. By clicking a photo you will be able to see it at a larger size together with its caption. The caption can also be seen just by rolling the cursor over the image in the initial slideshow.

The template supports YouTube and Vimeo thus allowing you to display whatever videos appear on those sites. This kind of integration makes things easier if you want to use different types of media content.

If you want to use the product in commercial projects, look at the other two types of licenses explained over at


DentalClinic Responsive WordPress Theme

Published on July 9th, 2014 at 6:21 pm


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Based on the Twitter Bootstrap framework, this theme for WordPress is perfect not only for dentists but also for health clinics, doctors and hospitals. If you are looking for a design that looks great on both desktops and mobile devices, this DentalClinic Responsive WordPress Theme is perfect for your needs. It is easy to test the responsiveness of the page. You have to simply resize your browser window and you will easily notice how all the elements are rearranged in a pleasant manner based on the size of the browser.

DentalClinic Responsive WordPress Theme

Customization options are very diverse. Apart from the fact that you have 5 predefined color options, you can use the Admin panel to choose whatever combination of colors that you like. The theme comes with a 3-level dropdown menu and 10 custom page templates. Everything works well in all popular browsers regardless of what type of device you use to access the page.

Contact and appointment forms are powered by AJAX and offer real time validation, which is a very important thing when it comes to managing consultations, queries, and complaints. It allows you to provide quality customer support.

The theme has a widgetized footer. You will notice in the upper right corner several social media buttons: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn. This makes it easier for you to take care of the social integration of your website which is indeed a mandatory step in achieving a top position on the market nowadays.

The package includes comprehensive documentation, a PSD file and a .po file for custom localization support. You are now able to buy one of three types of licenses: personal, commercial, and multiple. The price for a personal license is only $45. If you want to use the product for commercial projects, you should take a look at the other two types of licenses listed above.


Not having these 382 free design resources might make you a Rookie!

Published on June 19th, 2014 at 12:39 pm


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In this era of internet mastery, being a rookie will be a nightmare, wouldn’t it? Not anymore. We get you these 382 awesome web resources which enhance the look of your website. Yes they are for free. So, sit tight and drive the freebie ride! And if you think that free means low quality. Think again. Because these resources come with high quality so that your web projects always maintain the quality. Get a “Plug and Play” visual content, amazing textures or just icons. You will get it all here 🙂 If you are a designer then you will certainly want to check out these high quality resources which you can’t refrain from downloading.

Get a sneak peek into these design resources now:

1. 5 Premium Design resources


Design Your Projects With These 5 Premium Design Resources. Right from Landing pages to UI kits or icon set. This Freebie will cover all your design needs.

Download these here

2. High quality web resources


Get a mascot for your website today! 10 puny characters that will give the ‘wow’ effect to your website and an editorial calendar template!

Download them here

3. WP theme+Matching Zencart Template


 Give a desirable appearance to your e-stores and Manage products with ease with this WP responsive theme and a matching zencart template!

Download these here

4. 10 Colorful Grunge textures



 Get Trendy with Grunge Textures because they never go out of fashion. It’s time to give a realistic look to your design if you already haven’t.

Download them here

5. Colossus responsive HTML5 website template


Connect with your visitors through Twitter or Facebook buttons and leave an instant impact on your users with this template!

Download this here

6. Flatterific Vector icons



Spice up Your website’s features with these 30 Flatteriffic Vector Icons. Get various categories icons like Social Media Icons, Interface icons and many more.

Download these icons here

7. Pack of 100 Smart Device Icons


Get yourself an impressive Pack of 100 Icons of smart Devices ready to help you in your Projects. These Icons are sure to Grab Attention & Easy to Recognize

Download these icons here

8. Silverback Template


Download Silverback Template Based on Foundation 5 Framework that helps you. Create Wide Variety of Web Design Projects which comes with a responsive Layout and slider!

Download this template here

9. 20 High resolution Stock photos


Use creatively on any digital or print designs as themes or as background images. They come in the most famous categories of Nature and Landscape.

Download these photos here

10. 30 Seamless Patterns


Create stellar backgrounds for websites posters, or illustrations with these seamless patterns! Add these to your headers and buttons to go stylish!

Download these here

11.  Elegant Print Templates


Go for this traditional but inexpensive way to promote and advertise your Brand. Create amazing flyers with these easily customizable templates. You can use them for Personal or Commercial use.

Download these templates here

12. 100+ Web UI Elements


Present your website in a professional manner with this UI kit which includes over 100 vector graphic elements in 6 categories. Create a beautiful and elegant site.

Download these elements here

13.  25 Cloud Stock Images


 These cloud photos are perfect to use as background images for full background websites or in the header.

Get these stock images here

14. iPad Air Mock-ups


Boost your work with today’s freebie! Get this new iPad Air Mockups which gets you iPad cover in Black and White Version

Download them here

15.  Pack of 2 PSD Templates


 Design your next web project with this awesome bundle of web resources. You Get PSD Templates in:

  • Streak Single Page PSD Template
  • Carbon Single Page PSD Template

Download them here

16. Vector Stars Pack


Get yourself a pack of decorative vector stars
Use them for:

  • Providing ratings and feedback
  • Highlighting Important Rules and Regulations
  • Defining membership levels

Download them here

17. Vanilla UI Kit


Get this easy on the eyes UI kit which is best used for a coffee shop, bistro or pastry website.

Download this kit here

18. Bajigoor Portfolio Theme


Get these 6 portfolio page templates come with handy features to categorize them and let your potential clients search relevant projects easily!

Download this theme here

19. Pack of 2 PSD Templates


Design impressive web projects with this awesome bundle of web resources.
You get:

  • Edge Single Page PSD Template
  • Marriage Invitation Single Page PSD Template

Download these templates here

20. Thin line cons


Flat design rules this season! Get this easy on the eyes icons to create user friendly websites!

Download them here


Oldiestyle Portfolio Template for Creative Professionals

Published on April 5th, 2014 at 12:13 pm


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Being creative is of utmost importance if you want to succeed in any field. Standing out of the crowd is harder thank you think, but if you present a style that’s authentic, your success is guaranteed. Retro design is a field that definitely deserves your attention in achieving this purpose.

Oldiestyle Portfolio Template

This Oldiestyle Portfolio Template is a great starting point. If you make use of the amazing customization options offered by this template, you will obtain a design that reflects your own aims and not some generic appearance that sends no message at all.

The first thing we need to mention about this retro portfolio is that it’s a one-page template. This means you move from tab to tab by scrolling down. All the information is found on the same page.

Talking about the technical features of the template, we should start with the ability to adjust to any size of the screen or browser. The layout is suitable for those who target audience that uses mobile devices like tablets or smartphones. These days, a large part of your traffic comes from mobile users so you should make sure they have an enjoyable experience.

Next, let’s talk about browser compatibility. Like most templates, this one also works without problems in all the popular browsers: Internet Explorer versions 9 and 10, Opera, Chrome, and Safari. This template also features a fully functional contact form to ensure proper customers support and a Nivo Slider to make the page more engaging and attractive.

As for price and license, you need to pay only $7 for the features of the most basic type of license.


Take a Look at This Oldiestyle Template

Published on March 30th, 2014 at 8:26 am


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Have you heard the saying “oldies but goodies?” This is exactly what this template is about. It features the old times in an elegant manner and is perfect for creative users who want to showcase their content in a unique and old fashioned way. It stands for creativity and authenticity. 

Oldiestyle Template

Speaking of its retro design, take a look at the font used in the live preview of the template. It looks like paint fades away due to the passage of time. Even the social media buttons have this old look. This Oldiestyle Template has a lot more to offer. It supports Nivo slider, Google Web Fonts as well as Cufon fonts.  There are several CSS3 animations to choose from in order to engage visitors.

Moreover, there are 3 home page layouts: portfolio page, posts page, and blog page. There are 3 portfolio layouts to check out: 2, 3 or 4 columns according to what you need. As for the post templates here is what you get: standard, video, link, and gallery.

In the left upper corner of the page, there is a place to put your logo, a very important part of all marketing campaigns. Also, one should not forget about the contact form meant to establish communication between the client and the provider. The template contains the following social buttons: Twitter, Facebook, RSS feed, email, and blog.

As far as user licenses and permissions are concerned, you will find everything you need to know at the link listed above. Take a look at the detailed table presented on the page of the product.