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Started 8 years ago by DMVerton

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  • Guys,
    It takes too long for many of the designers to get back with assistance on their components, so I'm putting this out here hoping one of you flash gurus can help me. I know just enough Action Script to be dangerous.

    I have Flash Player III (from FlashXpert). I need to know where to find and how to adjust the embed code and link text. Right now, the link text and the email link simply link to the entire player. (http://..../.index.html)

    What I want it to do is link to the individual title that a viewer wants to share with others. This is an XML-fed player.

    Any help on where to go and what changes to make -- much appreciated.

    By the way - the Javascript Embed code does have entries for the Current Category and Current Video #, but it still only liknks to the entire player.

    #  /  posted on Jan 23, 2009

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