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    #  /  posted on Jul 18, 2011
  • Hello good day download the guest book page flash components, but in the help file brings data that do not understand since I am new to this, there also I found your email to request aid. In point 1 and 2 says: 1 - in (guest.php) change $ server, $ user, $ password and $ database variables by the right; 2 - create the (guestbook) table in your database. But in point 1 shall not put, and in section 2 says he believes the bas table in your data but do not even like him. Thank you much for your help. Hernando

    -- Hernando Garc├ęs

    #  /  posted on Mar 05, 2012
  • Hi,

    I bought this guestbook and have tried to install it - ALMOST successfully! Do you provide any kind of support, paid or otherwise? Please let me know. I believe that all it needs is a couple of small "tweaks". I have it installed on my site and it accepts input, but that's all!

    #  /  posted on Sep 22, 2013
  • how embed/ install to websiste ////// when I do is to small?!!!

    #  /  posted on Jul 04, 2016

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