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Flashtuning Galleries & Slideshows HTML Video Gallery ( & H.264 FLV Player ) HTML / CSS driven Video Gallery for Flash 8, Flash CS3, Flash CS4, CS5 and above / ActionScript 2.0 ( AS2 ). $0 http://www.developgo.com/component/advanced_flash_video_gallery.html http://www.developgo.comhttp://u1.developgo.com/components/small/232_1.png

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Download XML / HTML / CSS driven Video Gallery for Flash 8, Flash CS3, Flash CS4, CS5 and above / ActionScript 2.0 ( AS2 ).

You can play FLVs and MP4, M4A, MOV, MP4V, 3GP, 3G2 if they contain H.264 video and/or HE-AAC encoded audio (you need to update your Flash Player to version if you're planning using this standard for your video files - click here to check more on H.264).


- video playlists in HTML / CSS format easy to edit using your favorite HTML editor;

- use advanced features such as rowspan and colspan, advanced text rendering, custom library fonts and colors and transparencies for borders and backgrounds;

- FULL SCREEN mode for the video player and browser window resize support;

- easy to customize each video player and scroll bar assets and other graphic symbols used in Flash;

- optionally set the main XML configuration file path in HTML using FlashVars

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  • Anonymous

    if I buy it do I get the .fla files too ?

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Feb 08, 2008
  • But I really need to get it up and running and there looks like there is still alot of work on this end for me to do after I brought this ... I was hoping I would just need to edit the XML FILE and images folder and video folder .. can you tell me know what I can do to get this going ?

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Feb 16, 2008
  • perhaps im missing something btu what exactly is supposed to happen here? click picture able to play video right?

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Apr 08, 2008
  • can this showcase art or photographs instead of video?

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Apr 17, 2008
  • Hi FT, I looking to buy this flv-player, but before i do i have a question about the videoLayout1.html. Is it possible to load a second videolayout? Greets, Tom

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Apr 25, 2008
  • Hey FT, Am starting my first site. Building in FlashCS3. Have limited experience w/ html, xml, none w/ php. Will I be able to intergrate this element w/ my site using an assortment of codec, compression and screen sizes? And can I update and manage the playlist without extensive html? Can the background colors and log be altered? Thanks, azeptepi

    #  /  PM  /  posted on May 07, 2008
  • Thank you FT, appreciate the frankness. I may be better off learning with this tool and having it's functionality rather than messing with something else, only to end up here in 4 months. If I can update the playlist files and have the player available on my home page, I'll take the rest from there, as I use more as3. How much descriptive info in the download? Or show me anther player if you would. Thanks, azeptepi .

    #  /  PM  /  posted on May 07, 2008
  • Easy to use and manipulate. Just wanted to say thanks!

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Jul 03, 2008
  • Hi,

    Today FC added some changes in the comments system and forum and due to these changes it is possible that you can not see my previous replies to these comments.

    If you want to check my old comments go to this product thread in the forum / Comments area or simply perform a search on the product name and you find all the forum posts about this product:

    [url=http://www.flashcomponents.net/forum2/showthread.php?t=86&highlight=advanced]GO TO MY PREVIOUS REPLIES[/url]


    #  /  PM  /  posted on Jul 24, 2008
  • Video Gallery ActionScript 3.0 version is now available. Click here to check more details about this new release.

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Oct 02, 2008

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Dec 05, 2009
  • Hi,

    The package includes the video gallery application source file that you can ucstomize any way you like and it is based on two main components the HTML Table Renderer and the FT Scroll Bar component that you can simply drag & drop from the library and use them also in another projects so you don’t need for a mxp installer in orde to use these components .

    So you got a very nice video application along with the source file and two great components for the not so luxurious price of $15,


    #  /  PM  /  posted on Dec 05, 2009
  • NEW

    Just launched HTML / XML Video Gallery White ( & FLV Player )!

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Feb 18, 2010
  • thanks for send to me nessage and … I see u have player u can add link video from youtube… How I can’t add link from my live cameras?

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Apr 13, 2010
  • We don’t have youtube feature integrated, as you can see in the features list, you’ve probably saw another player.

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Apr 14, 2010
  • = NEW =

    X-Treme Banner Rotator !

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Oct 13, 2010
  • how do i get the .xml file to randomly load a video in my list (instead of just the first)?

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Oct 20, 2010
  • how do i get the .xml file to randomly load a video in my list (instead of just the first)?

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Oct 20, 2010
  • i realize that this is "called" in the as. I am in a brain block and cant figure how to have this load random, the following as code is as follows:

    //start playing the first movie
    var firstVideo = cellMc["info"].attributes.preview;
    if (cellMc._name=="v1") {
                             titleBox.tf.text = infObj.attributes.title;
                             descriptionBox.tf.text = infObj.attributes.description;
                             if (playFirstVideo==0) flvPlayerPath.videoMaru.togglePlayPause();

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Oct 21, 2010
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