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Flashtuning Adobe Flex Advanced Scroll Bar AS3 The most advanced and affordable Scroll Bar component. $5 http://www.developgo.com/component/flash_tuning_scroll_bar_as_3_0/comments/page/2.html http://www.developgo.comhttp://u1.developgo.com/components/small/8_1.png


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Package includes: MXP, FLA, SWF, HTML, JS

Flash Version: Flash CS3, Flash Lite, Flash AdobeAir, Flex, Flash CS4, Flash CS5, and above

Documentation level: Excellent documented

Flash knowledge level: Intermediate

Action Script: ActionScript 3.0

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The Scroll Bar can be configured to work in either free or snapped to content modes. You can use it in either vertical or horizontal modes and you can configure two component instances to create a Scroll Pane.

Download FREE Demo scroll bar component trial version with limited functionality before you buy.

The component features extensive visual customization option which include support for custom skins and color overlays.

This component is available for:
Flash CS3, Flash CS4. CS5 and above ( ActionScript 3.0 - AS3 )

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Usage Terms: Personal Commercial Multiple
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  • @andersj:


    We’re glad you’ve found the Advanced Scroll Bar component useful.

    When using the Scroll Bar in scrollBar mode you need to set also the sliderOffset parameter value like this for example:

    scrollbar.sliderOffset = 4;

    sliderOffest represent the gap distance between the slider top / bottom end and the track top / bottom ends.

    Best regards,

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Jan 15, 2009
  • That did it, thank you very much, and once again….awsome scroller


    #  /  PM  /  posted on Jan 16, 2009
  • Hi again!

    I am working on a project where i would like to have one up and one down button placed beside eachother.

    The buttons would use the scrollbar?s functionality, but having the scrollbar itself being invisible. Is there a way to call the scroll up/down functions (from other buttons) to accomplish this ?

    i have looked inside the documentation but i cannot find any method to call the scroll up/down functions in this way.

    Help would be appreciated

    Best Regards

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Jan 26, 2009
  • Hi,

    Use the scrollPercentage property of the Scroll Bar component.

    sb.scrollPercentage = 50; (a value between 0 and 100)

    Make sure the content is fully loaded before using this property.

    Best regards,

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Jan 26, 2009
  • Product has been working great, but for some reason now, whenever the swf is published, the content scrolls to the bottom. You have to scroll it back up to start reading the copy. Any ideas what is causing this?

    Thanks, Matt

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Jan 29, 2009
  • Hi,

    Use the activateEasing and set the easingType and easingDelay parameters from Advanced Options group (this is a Flash Player 10 issue – not the scroller).

    Best regards,

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Jan 31, 2009
  • I am trying to scroll a flash data grid component with no luck so far. Am I missing something extra that needs to be enabled in order for the scroll bar to scroll the data grid component? It shows the scroll bar but does not allow me to click and drag the scroll bar once I publish.

    Any insight as to how to get this to work with the AS3 Flash DatGrid component would be much appreciated.


    #  /  PM  /  posted on Feb 16, 2009
  • Any Example you can give me showing how to attach this to a flash AS3 data grid would be appreciated. I have tried numerous ways and nothing has been successful. I have tried attaching the FtScrollBar to the dataGrid through ActionScript, I have tried placing the component on the stage and then pointing to the targetMovieClip pointing to the data grid with both the data grid and scroll bar on the same level. I have placed the datagrid into a new movie clip and then placed that and the scroll bar on the same level and so far nothing has resulted in being able to scroll an AS3 dataGrid as mentioned in the features.

    Thanks in advance, other than this not working with the dataGrid every other test I have done works great on any other movie clip and the component is a great scroll utility now if I can get it to work on a dataGrid it would be perfect.

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Feb 17, 2009
  • Hi,

    Can you explain what exactly happens when you attach the Scroll Bar to a Data Grid place inside a Movie Clip.

    Did you properly set the viewAreaWidth and viewAreaHeight parameter values (to be less than the grid size , else the scroller will automatically hide or disable depending on the autoHide parameter value).

    Best regards,

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Feb 17, 2009
  • I have tried every which way you have described and the viewAreaWidth and viewAreaHeight are smaller than the dataGrid in every instance.

    Can I either send you along my example or can you send along an example to me showing the scroll bar working with a dataGrid?

    When I try attaching to a dataGrid anytime the scroll bar is inactive, no roll overs, no nothing, can’t click or move it, when I attach it to a movie symbol that is not a dataGrid it works just fine.

    Let me know whether I can send you something or you can send me an example, you can email me at temp@u4c.com and then I will provide you with my registered email through flash components unless of course you can access it. Or however you require to be able to show a working example of the scroll bar working with a dataGrid.

    Please let me know, this was the sole reason we purchased your component because it stated in the features it would work with a dataGrid in AS3.

    Thanks in advance.

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Feb 17, 2009
  • Send us a .fla example and other additional file(s) if any inside a .zip package at contact [at] flashtuning.net and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can with an answer for your particular dataGrid case. In the meantime you can use the product in your current and future projects to scroll anything you like.

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Feb 18, 2009
  • We have sent you back a working example with the Scroll Bar and the Data Grid placed inside a Movie Clip and the Scroll Bar component is working just fine, hope this will help you with your application.

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Feb 19, 2009
  • Hi
    very often when trying to sroll got error:

    Error: Error #1502: A script has executed for longer than the default timeout period of 15 seconds. at FtScrollBar/tween() at FtScrollBar/oTqrRireWVWVlVIxgYvUaW()
    Cannot display source code at this location.

    Please help

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Feb 24, 2009
  • Hi,

    This is a common issue previously discussed few times and is due to the scrollacceleration parameter causing the scroller to freeze sometime.

    The solution is to go to the Advanced Options Group and activate the easing and choose the easing type and easing delay instead the default acceleration.

    Best regards,

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Feb 24, 2009
  • Here is a simple function that you can use to load images, SWFs etc inside an empty movie clip:

    function loadResource(resURL) { 
    var url = resURL; 
    var request1 = new URLRequest(url); 
    var loader1 = new Loader(); 
    var mc1 = this.getChildByName("mc" 
    var nc = mc1.numChildren; 
    if (nc) { var l1 = mc1.getChildAt(0); mc1.removeChild(l1); l1 = null; } 
    loader1.load(request1); //start loading img/swf 
    loader1.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener("complete", this.finished_loading); 

    function finished_loading(e:Event) { trace("Loading completed." } 

    , where mc is the instance name of an empty movie clip from the stage. You can simply call this function with the path string to your external SWfs and images.

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Apr 16, 2009
  • Hi. I have a little problem.

    When I use this scroll in a swf that is loaded to another swf mouseWheel stop working. Is there any chance it would work fine?

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Jan 05, 2010
  • 1. Into your .fla file create and empty movie clip and name it mcLoader for example
    2. Drag a scroll bar component instance to the stage and attach it to mcLoader
    3. Remove the scroll bar from your external swf file and load the extyernal swf file into the mcLoader

    On how to correctly load an external image or swf in as3 check the code snippet from the previous comment.

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Jan 08, 2010
  • Nice component. Playing with the trial at the moment. Just need to know HOW can it be made into a scroller without buttons. Help docs show how to skin but not how to remove unneeded elements. Do I just delete or what? I need only a button and track. Aslo is it possible to have the slider button stay one size and not adjust according to the amount of content?


    #  /  PM  /  posted on Jan 19, 2010
  • Hi,

    Thanks. If you want a scroller without buttons select the component from the stage / open the Component Inspector panel and set the scrollMode to scrollBar ( you will see the effect at runtime after hitting CTRL + Enter ). If you want a fixed size slider and/or track go to the Advaced Options group at the bottom of the Component Inspector panel and set the fixedSliderBody and / or fixedTrackBody to true and you can customize the graphic symbol for slider in the library using a fixed size graphic element.


    #  /  PM  /  posted on Jan 19, 2010
  • Hi,

    When I use the scroller my application bug after a while and I have the Error #1502.
    I’ve bought the ClassicScrollBar but I have the same pbl, I tried on flash CS3 and CS4 and have the pb on both case.
    Can you help me please.

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Feb 15, 2010
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