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Horizontal News Ticker 01

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Flashtory User Interface Horizontal News Ticker 01 Simple horizontal news ticker with unlimited items and two skins out of the box. $5 http://www.developgo.com/component/horizontal_news_ticker_01.html http://www.developgo.comhttp://u1.developgo.com/components/small/1800_1.png


By purchasing and downloading this license, you are entitled, as buyer, to use the product in ONE SINGLE NON-COMMERCIAL PROJECT ( website or other ... [+]

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Package includes: FLA

Flash Version: Flash 8, Flash CS3, Flash CS4

Viewable with: Flash Player 9

Documentation level: Well documented

Flash knowledge level: Basic

Action Script: ActionScript 2.0

Product ID:F0901800



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Hello and thank you for visiting our profile. Flashtory is a new brand in the stock flash business but the people...


Please install flash first.

This is a simple horizontal news ticker. You can easily customize and embed this into a Flash project or in HTML.

From the XML file you can change:
- the x position of the news ticker
- the y position of the news ticker
- the distance between the news
- buttons mouse over background corner radius
- the total width
- the scrolling direction, available options: right-left, left-right
- the scrolling interval
- the scrolling speed
- the animation time for mousing over one button
- URL and target to be opened when an item is clicked

If you have few buttons on the scroller, it will not scroll and the buttons will be centered in the viewing area.

The news ticker comes with two skins ( black and white ). You can easily customize any skin by editing the library items.

We hope you will enjoy this brand new release from Flashtory.com

Help/Support available only on our Horizontal News Ticker 01 Flash Support Forum

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Personal License By purchasing and downloading this license, you are entitled, as buyer, to use the product in ONE SINGLE NON-COMMERCIAL PROJECT ( website or other multimedia project not generating income ), your personal work or work for a client. You may not redistribute / resell the functionality provided with the purchased product without the author's and / or FlashComponents.net written permission, but you may modify its content. In case you want to use the product for a commercial project then you will have to buy the 'Commercial License'.

Usage Terms: Personal Commercial Multiple
Unlimited use in the same project
For your client's ONE SINGLE COMMERCIAL project
For your client's MULTIPLE COMMERCIAL projects


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  • Anonymous

    well done

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Apr 15, 2009
  • Can I add rss external files (titles). Like a flash scrolling news. feed example: https://blogs.secondlife.com/community/feeds/allcontent?community=1

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Jun 27, 2009
  • could you tell me please if the script working with greek titles (fonts text)


    #  /  PM  /  posted on Aug 17, 2009
  • thank you for your wonderful product

    could you tell me please why the script not working with greek titles? can you help me please



    #  /  PM  /  posted on Aug 18, 2009
  • I can’t get it to work with Danish letters like “Ø” “æ” “å” does any know how to do that?

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Aug 31, 2009
  • Hi, Well done!

    How I can use an External xml file?
    Because right now in the main.as file we can only use interne xml file.
    Can you help me?

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Nov 02, 2009
  • @stefhillaire: I am sorry but I do not understand the question

    @Synthmax and sonnypro: Please read this ( http://forum.oxylusflash.com/rules-faq/607-textfield-embeding-additional-glyphs.html ) about embedding extra chars. Next, please make sure that the xml is saved as utf-8 encoded.

    @spyvspuaeon: I am sorry but for the moment you can’t but if you build an php file which creates the xml this will work just fine.

    Please use out support forum in the future, it’s much easier to keep track of all things -> http://forum.flashtory.com/horizontal-news-ticker-01/

    Cheers ! :)

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Nov 29, 2009
  • How it works with accents?? like spanish language

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Jan 03, 2011
  • FYI - Doesn't work with external RSS feeds

    #  /  PM  /  posted on May 05, 2011
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