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Tribungo User Interface Spinning Preloader Fully customizable preloader component for Flash CS3 and Flash CS4, built in ActionScript 3 $5 http://www.developgo.com/component/spinning_preloader.html http://www.developgo.comhttp://u1.developgo.com/components/small/733_1.png


By purchasing and downloading this license, you are entitled, as buyer, to use the product in ONE SINGLE NON-COMMERCIAL PROJECT ( website or other ... [+]

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Package includes: MXP, FLA

Flash Version: Flash CS3, Flash CS4

Viewable with: Flash Player 9

Documentation level: Well documented

Action Script: ActionScript 3.0

Product ID:F0800733



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Flash and Flex Games and Components developers.


Please install flash first.

Fully customizable preloader component for Flash CS3 and Flash CS4, built in ActionScript 3. You can customize:

- Spinning or Manual content mode
- Source
- Color
- Blur level
- Number of shapes
- Initial Alpha
- Shapes size
- Text color
- Font. Support embedded fonts.
- Show percentage progress and or other text
- Speed
- Direction
- Transition type

Also you can resize the component in the stage. It will automatically adjust in the preview.

Access Spinning Preloader component by selecting component panel, Tribungo folder.

See Word Search Game Component Version 2:


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Personal License By purchasing and downloading this license, you are entitled, as buyer, to use the product in ONE SINGLE NON-COMMERCIAL PROJECT ( website or other multimedia project not generating income ), your personal work or work for a client. You may not redistribute / resell the functionality provided with the purchased product without the author's and / or FlashComponents.net written permission, but you may modify its content. In case you want to use the product for a commercial project then you will have to buy the 'Commercial License'.

Usage Terms: Personal Commercial Multiple
Unlimited use in the same project
For your client's ONE SINGLE COMMERCIAL project
For your client's MULTIPLE COMMERCIAL projects

Please install flash first.

Please install flash first.


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  • awesome! thank you very much

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Dec 24, 2008
  • Uploaded a new sample of how to load an external file using the Spinning Preloader component and an Loader object.

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Mar 17, 2009
  • How do you install this? I added it on the stage but have no idea what to do for actions.

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Apr 29, 2009
  • Hi arpeejajo, see the features page.

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Apr 29, 2009
  • Hey Tribungo. I really dig the component you’ve got here and I’m excited to implement it into my work. But I’m trying to load a MC from within the main timeline. I saw in your features section the snippet of this.root.loaderInfo and was thinking this would solve my loading problem, and yet I’m still unable to properly preload my flash. If you could check out my code and let me know what changes I need to make to get it to work, I’d be eternally grateful. Thanks!!



    var loader:Loader = new Loader();
    //var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest(“canoa.jpg”);

    //spin1.source = loader.contentLoaderInfo;
    spin1.source = this.root.loaderInfo
    spin1.addEventListener( ProgressEvent.PROGRESS , progressHandler );
    spin1.addEventListener( Event.COMPLETE , completeHandler );


    function completeHandler( e:Event )
    { trace( “COMPLETE” ); container.addChild( loader.content );

    function progressHandler( e:ProgressEvent )
    { trace( “PROGRESS” );

    #  /  PM  /  posted on May 08, 2009
  • Hi jackrabbit75

    i was uploaded a new sample of how to load the same file using the Spinning Preloader component.

    #  /  PM  /  posted on May 08, 2009
  • Tribungo, you are indeed a poet and a scholar. Thank you so much for responding so quickly to my dilemma. The preloader works brilliantly!!


    #  /  PM  /  posted on May 08, 2009
  • I really like the “heart” animation. Iam sorry I am new to this! Can you tell me how I can have this exact component in your Spinning Preloader – Manual mode examples

    Many Thanks

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Nov 03, 2009
  • Hi tigra111,

    The heart is simply a movieclip, with instance name “heart”, that contains other movieclips inside it, distributed in the form of a heart. This does not contain any animation within it.
    The movement of the heart movieClip is given by an instance of Spinning Preloader component, whose contentMode property is set to “manual” and whose manualContent property has value “heart”

    The component is free and you can download the sample. See the quick start guide and reference page:


    #  /  PM  /  posted on Nov 03, 2009
  • I was beating my brains out trying to figure out how to increase the distance between the objects until I finally realized that I needed to increase the size!!

    It’s a GREAT component, but could you perhaps document that part for others’ sake? It took me entirely too long to figure it out.


    #  /  PM  /  posted on Dec 04, 2009
  • Hi savingedmund,

    All the component features are documented. In the quick start guide are the steps required to use the component. One of these steps says that you must resize the component.
    It is also an example called “Spinning Preloader Parameters” that lets you experiment with the parameters.

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Dec 05, 2009
  • Yeah, I’m also kind of confused on how to install this. It is on the stage, but I don’t know how to assign the loader to an image, or symbol. :( I only have basic flash knowledge. Does anyone want to help me? I can’t get my website back up until I solve this problem.

    Thanks a ton.

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Dec 24, 2009
  • Hi beeffunky, please see the Loading External File and Loading Same File samples.

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Dec 24, 2009
  • I agree with the other posters, the instructions on actually using this are lacking, to say the least. By the time I figure out how to actually use this, I could probably write my own.

    Please, be a little more helpful. It seems nice, but I'm guessing over half the people who try this will never figure out how to use it.

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Jun 26, 2010
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