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X-Treme Dock Menu AS3

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Flashtuning Menus & Navigation X-Treme Dock Menu AS3 The most advanced XML Dock Menu application for Flash. $12 http://www.developgo.com/component/x_treme_dock_menu_as3.html?ref=fcjul http://www.developgo.comhttp://u1.developgo.com/components/small/3895_1.png


By purchasing and downloading this license, you are entitled, as buyer, to use the product in ONE SINGLE NON-COMMERCIAL PROJECT ( website or other ... [+]

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Package includes: FLA, SWF, HTML, XML, JS, ( source code )

Flash Version: Flash CS3, Flash CS4, Flash CS5, and above

Documentation level: Well documented

Flash knowledge level: Basic

Action Script: ActionScript 3.0

Product ID:F1003895



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Please install flash first.

This product is included in ALL FILES PACKAGE:

XML Dock Image Menu / XML Dock Photo Menu & XML Dock AutoPlay Menu - AS3.


* Fully customizable XML driven content
* Unlimited number of images / swf support
* Customizable width, height, position and item size
* Easy to use XML file for images / tooltips / titles / descriptions and links
* AutoPlay ( AutoScroll ) with global or individual timer for each image
* Individual items selection or mouse roll over scroll effect options for AutoScroll mode
* Time period adjustable from the XML file (in seconds)
* Both horizontal and vertical menu orientation support
* Dynamic image reflection with transparency, distance and direction settings
* Image ToolTips with automatic text wrapping, font embedding, background and border color / size support
* HTML / CSS driven ToolTips description text and ToolTips position, offest support
* Zoom amount and zoom speed setting on mouseover with zoom/position influence option on adjacent items
* Items alignment and rollover mouse movement speed options
* Set URL links when pressing on individual images
* Display the items in the order they appear in your XML file or in a random order
* Optional image highlighting feature for the active / inactive items
* Define image borders size/color from within the XML configuration file
* Image tooltips, spacing, mouse roll over blur effect and click support
* Optionally set the XML settings file path in HTML using FlashVars
* Clean OOP code - No Flash Knowledge required to insert the Dock Menu SWF inside the HTML page(s) of your site

Opens with Flash CS3, Flash CS4, Flash CS5 or higher ( ActionScript 3 / AS3 ). Readme file and comments inside the xml file included in the package.

NOTE: If you need to integrate the dock menu with WordPress download the plugin and follow the instructions to install it.

FREE PACKAGE DOWNLOAD ( Fully functional copy of the product provided within the package having the FlashTuning.net logo. To use the component without the FlashTuning.net label you need to purchase a product license.

TIPS & TRICKS ( Check how to insert a swf file into the html page(s) of your website and other useful questions ).

Check also X-Treme Dock Menu AS2 version!

X-Treme Dock Gallery


flash xml dock image menu free photo navigation zoom scroll auto play as3 horizontal vertical lightbox roll over blur tooltips text effect transitions


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Personal License By purchasing and downloading this license, you are entitled, as buyer, to use the product in ONE SINGLE NON-COMMERCIAL PROJECT ( website or other multimedia project not generating income ), your personal work or work for a client. You may not redistribute / resell the functionality provided with the purchased product without the author's and / or FlashComponents.net written permission, but you may modify its content. In case you want to use the product for a commercial project then you will have to buy the 'Commercial License'.

Usage Terms: Personal Commercial Multiple
Unlimited use in the same project
For your client's ONE SINGLE COMMERCIAL project
For your client's MULTIPLE COMMERCIAL projects


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  • Am trying to get dockmenu to work at 100% width (full width of browser) but am having trouble. Is this possible? How do you do it? If i set the totalWidth to 100% it sees it like 100px.

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Jul 15, 2011
  • Hi,

    Only fixed pixel size is supported.


    #  /  PM  /  posted on Jul 22, 2011
  • dude, i cant find where in the world you set the background color for the item containers... could you tell me where that is... im loading pngs and i dont want the square visible... images arent square... thanks a tone.....

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Mar 18, 2012
  • ok thats solved, but i really need to know why in the world im not being able to place a backround image behind it.... ive tried everything... ive placed the background at the bottom most layer doesnt, ive placed it as a loaded image at addChildAt(jjjj,0); as soon as something is behind the component the component stops working... im really baffled here......

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Mar 18, 2012
  • hey nick i want the same, my work around was to read the stage size and the post it to php to replace the pixel size in the settings xml....

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Mar 18, 2012
  • ok im having serious issues with having the mouse leave the stage. once it does the component freezes

    #  /  PM  /  posted on Mar 21, 2012
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