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The smooth XML Video Presentation by FireCode

Posted on Aug 18, 2011

FireCode just released a very useful XML video tool. It's really capable of making your presentation projects a piece of cake.

The XML Video Presentation is the perfect video player, if you're in any market based on video showing your products. Or is very useful if you want to realize a step by step video tutorial. What's also great, is that is very easy to adjust, install or update by being XML driven.

xml video presentation

In has just as many needed features to become a classic video showcasing solution. It supports Youtube videos, can have unlimited number of thumbs, you can change the colors, and the video can be fitted or stretched.

It's not a problem, if you don't have any experience in installing the product. FireCode provided a well documented help file, in which you'll find everything you need. Also, the package comes with the source code, so you'll be able to change the file in seconds.

Check out the live demonstration by clicking on the image above. Notice how easy is to navigate on it, and how useful can be for a video presentation.

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