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What is the FC Referral Program?

The FC referral program helps you earn extra money every time a visitor enters the developgo.com website through the referral link you post on another website.

How much can you earn?

    You can earn 25% of the referee’s (author or buyer) first sale or purchase.

Starting referral offer

To enter the referral program, you simply have to use the referral link from your account: Referrals/ Promotional Materials.

How does it work?

In order to benefit from the developgo.com Referral Program, first you should subscribe as an Author  (if you already have a member account,  just activate your Author profile). Then paste one of the banners or links presented in the My Account / Referrals / Promotional Materials section to any website, feed, forum, blog etc or add your own custom links to any product page / section from our site.

When linking to any developgo.com page insert your referral id ?ref=yourUsername in the link.  Our internal referral system always remembers your referee and gives you sales commissions even if he registers after some time from the first visit as an author or a buyer and starts selling / purchasing.

What happens if my referred buyer purchases from my referred author?

In this exceptional case, you will earn the buyer percentage only.

Banners and Logos

Please contact us and we'll provide the banners to you. Furthermore, you have our permission to make yourself a promoting banner that creates a positive image for our website.