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Payment Rates

Non-Exclusive Commission Rate (50%)

Non-exclusive authors will receive a 50% fixed commission rate for every sale they make. This commission rate applies to authors who also sell the files uploaded on DevelopGo.Com and  on other websites.  An author’s status is automatically set to non-exclusive, until he chooses otherwise.

Sell Exclusively Payment Rates (50% - 70%)

Exclusive authors, that do not sell on other websites the files submitted on DevelopGo.Com , will earn from 60% to 80% of every sold file, depending on the sales volume, as follows:

50% 0
51% 600
52% 1500
53% 3000
54% 5500
55% 8000
56% 11000
57% 13500
58% 17800
59% 23500
60% 27500
61% 32500
62% 37800
63% 43600
64% 50500
65% 57300
66% 65700
67% 73500
68% 82800
69% 93400
70% 100000


To become an exclusive author, go to My Account-> Edit Profile-> Author Account Settings and check the Exclusive box. By checking this box, you agree to be bound by the content of the Legal Act, which states that all the products you sell on our website will only be sold on DevelopGo.Com, and on no other website.

These rates apply on DevelopGo.Com as of Septemper 16, 2015.

Withdraw your money

If you accumulate over USD $50.00, you can have the amount withdrawn to your PayPal account or A PayPal account of a friend of yours.

Important! Authors that decide to close their account on DevelopGo.Com  will receive their pending money in approximately 4 months. The money will be sent in phases so that we can cover refunds or other problems that might occur, such as cases of fraud or copyright infringement.

Sell Your Creations

Selling process

In order to sell products on DevelopGo.com, first you have to become a member. To do that, click on the “Sign up” button in the right top corner of the website and create an account. After you receive a confirmation e-mail, activate your author account and fill in your details.

To have a complete author profile you must:

  • write a short description about yourself and your experience as a developer
  • check the Exclusive author box if all the files you will be uploading on DevelopGo.com are sold on no other website. If you choose to be a non-exclusive author, simply leave the box unchecked as your account will be automatically set to non-exclusive.
  • check the Freelance box if you are willing to take on freelance projects from clients, like customizations or developing unique files. DevelopGo.com website will not be involved in any way in the freelance projects that the author accepts.
  • fill in your PayPal address so you can withdraw your money
  • upload a representative avatar image that identifies you as an author and even a brand
  • include a link to your portfolio website or blog where you showcase your work. Please keep in mind that we don't allow links outside DevelopGo.com unless you provide a link back to us, and not respecting this rule can lead to your removal from our website. For more information about posting links, check our links policy.
  • include social links to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc, so that users can get in touch with you easier
  • subscribe to the New Comments, Newsletters and Private Messages to receive the latest comments posted on your components' pages, messages from buyers and news from us.

What NOT to do?

  • check the Exclusive box if you're also selling on other marketplaces
  • stuff your author description with links to your personal website. You can easily include a personal link in the designated area from your profile - Author's Links.
  • include counters of any kind. We know you're proud of the number of visitors you're getting, but this is something we don't allow on DevelopGo.com and all authors should respect this rule. However, you are free to put it on your personal website.


Add components

To add a component, go to My Account/ My Resources/ My Components and click on the Add button. Follow the instructions to upload your file and wait for our team to review it.

Prior to uploading your component, make sure it meets the quality and technical requirements listed below.

Technical Conditions

  • the thumbnail of your file should be a 126x126 pixels .png or .jpg image
  • both the sample and the commercial download will be archived only as a .zip archive.
  • if your archive includes a .mxp file, the source code is also required for validation purposes (starting January 1st 2010).
  • the preview file (named preview.swf or index.html) will be included in the root of the sample archive's directory, and not in another folder. Not doing so will show your sample as invalid and your file will be rejected
  • the preview dimensions must be exactly 595 pixels in width and minimum 310 pixels in height*, if the preview is not fullscreen. This will allow your sample to be shown on the component's page. We recommend this size for certain components (eg.: news readers, banner rotators, preloaders, menus) in order to save the visitor's time and help him make a purchasing decision easier. If the preview has less than 595 px in width and 310 in height, include a background that blends in with the design of the component to reach the exact dimension of 595 px. The sample should be 310px in height, but if you can justify a bigger dimension in height (e.g. video player with playlist, files with admin panels, etc), then the sample will be accepted only if it is exactly 595px wide. We will not accept files that exceed the specified sample dimensions if these can easily be presented within a 595x310 px preview. If your file is a template or a gallery and the sample's dimension exceeds 595 pixels in width, the preview will be shown in fullscreen mode.
  • if your preview has the above specified dimensions and if the option to show fullscreen is included in the sample, add movie parameters: allowFullScreen=true; when uploading the sample archive.
  • for PHP components - upload a functional .zip with index.html in its root.
  • for HTML5 components - upload a functional .zip with index.html in its root.
  • for Site Templates - upload a .zip with images (can be added an external link to an example).
  • everything included in the archives, including the items in the Library, will be written in English.
  • organize and give relevant names to the items in the Library
  • only include the file in the category it belongs to. Including it in multiple categories just to ensure it appears everywhere on the website will get your file rejected. You can always contact us to suggest new categories.
  • include technical details such as: files included in the commercial archive, the version of Flash required to open the file, ActionScript version, Flash knowledge required and documentation* (*this referrs to the help file included in the download archive).
  • add relevant tags to every file you are uploading
  • check your archives for  links outside DevelopGo.com and replace them with links to your author page on our website.
  • remove or replace any  images/ videos including outside logos.
  • use only licensed content, including but not limited to images, audio and video files, that is either purchased or has a free commercial license. Check out our Library for free resources. 

 * Files approved before July 22, 2010 will not be rejected, but we suggest to all authors to edit the samples of their previously approved files according to the above mentioned requirements.

Quality Conditions

  • If you develop a simple file, this must be useful and have a nice, unique design. We suggest avoiding the over-developed banner rotators, preloaders, etc unless your files has new and unique features or a design and usability that offers a better experience tp the users. If your file is the same as another 10 sold on our website, it will be hard for users to notice it and you will get less sales or none at all.
  • Prior to developing an advanced component, such as a business template or a creative portfolio template, make sure all the components included blend in together and that there is no discrepancy. Make sure you have a profile in mind of the client that will buy the file and develop according to his needs and requirements. You may include this profile in the description of the product to get your file one step forward to success.
  • Use colors that match your visual brand and use the color scheme continuously for all the files you add to your profile. This will help the clients differentiate your files from other authors'. Check out this portfolio as an example.
  • Include a help file with a minimum of instructions for the client to follow in order to use the file. This way you won't have to spend time answering questions regarding the usage of your files.
  • Include a 250 words description of your file so that users know what your file does exactly and how they can use it. The description should be your own work, and not be identical to others  published on the site. Only include the relevant features and benefits of your file.

Set the Right Price

Setting the optimum price is very important because it will return the greatest total monthly value. You are free to set your own prices for the files you submit on our website. We are aware of the amount of work involved in developing a file, but when deciding upon the right price, take into consideration the complexity of the file, its uniqueness and the overall interest of users in that type of file. For instance, for a template, we would suggest a minimum price of $20-$30. We reserve the right to set or change the price of any file uploaded on DevelopGo.com.

Write SEO Friendly File Descriptions

As many of you know, a content that is optimized well for search engines is easier to find.

So, how can you do that with your file descriptions?

For instance, you can start by choosing names for your files that include a strong keyword, such as: template, video, YouTube, etc.

You can also make use of our new editor and better organize the content on your components' pages. For instance, you can include a title with your file's name at the beginning of your description .

We strongly suggest you take this into consideration and edit the description of your files to make them more SEO friendly.

Component status

To edit a component, go to My Account/ My Resources/ My components and click on the title of the component you would like to edit. On that page, you will have the options to edit the details of the file you previously uploaded by clicking on the tabs located below the title of the component.

You can view the status of your component(s) written below the title of each component. These are classified in 3 categories:

  • Approved – the component is approved and is visible on the DevelopGo.Com  website.
  • Pending – the component is being reviewed by our staff
  • Rejected – you will also see a message with the reason it was rejected. Edit the file according to the instructions provided by our team and reupload it.

*For further details on how to avoid your file being rejected, please read this guideline.

Important: Please keep in mind that you can only edit or remove the components that are “Rejected” or “Approved”. If you have questions or concerns regarding the status of your component, please contact us.

Component approval

Striving to offer only quality files, the DevelopGo.Com  team reserves its right to reject a file submitted for approval and inform you about it. The following are the top reasons your file may be rejected:

  1. Poor quality file.
  2. We can't find a use for that file.
  3. It's very simple and we believe it should be free.
  4. The price is too high.
  5. The sample has not been uploaded correctly.
  6. The sample contains commercial or any other type of links (excepting the internal DevelopGo.Com ones).  For further information regarding commercial links, please see our policy.
  7. The sample image is low-quality.
  8. The file includes images, audio or video files that you have no copyright over.
  9. The file is corrupted, is not working properly, or has bugs or errors.
  10. The file doesn’t open with the specified version of Flash (if it's the case).
  11. The file name already exists on FC.
  12. The same file is being sold on another website by a different developer. Check out our copyright policy for more information.
  13. The product has no description.
  14. The commercial archive does not include a help file for the component.

For more information, please click here. If you have questions, feel free to contact us anytime.

File Updates

If you update a file and re-upload the source code, don’t forget to also specify what exactly it is that you updated.

You can include a short message in the Description of the file update text box from the Downloads tab where you state what you modified/ updated. This message will be sent to the buyers of your file so they can be informed on the change and re-download the archive if they need to.

If you only update the description of the file, the buyer will not be notified. Also, if you don’t fill in the Description of the file update text box with the update you’ve made, then the buyer will also not be notified. However, if the update is important, we recommend you specify this so the buyers can be notified.


You can choose to sell your Flash components under the following types of predefined licenses:

  • Regular / Personal License

By selling your component under this license, the buyer is granted with the rights to use it in a single non-commercial website or in other multimedia or personal project, as long as these are non-commercial. The buyer may not redistribute / resell the functionality provided with the purchased product without your and / or the developgo.com written permission, but he may modify its content.

  • Single Commercial License

This license entitles the buyer to use the product in a single commercial project (website, CD-ROM, offline presentation etc) and in a single non-commercial/ personal project. He may not redistribute the product but he may modify its contents.

  • Multiple Commercial License

By selling your component under this license, the buyer is entitled to use the product in multiple commercial projects (websites, CD-ROMS, offline presentations etc), as well as personal projects. The buyer may not redistribute it but he may modify its contents. The buyer may not redistribute the functionality provided with the purchased product without your and / or the developgo.com written permission.

  • Custom License

Every author can include a fourth custom license for any or all of his components and set a specific (higher) price for it. You can write your own terms for the buyer's use of that specific component.

For instance, you can include a license that grants the buyer extented rights, such as the use of the file in an application that the buyer is planning to resell. This is also known as the license to resell. On the other hand, the license to resell does not grant the buyer the right to resell the file exactly as it is. He can however incorporate it into a project or application that he wants to sell.

You can also include an exclusive license that grants the buyer exclusivity over the file, meaning that after the file is purchased under this type of license, you will have to remove it from sale.

The custom license offers the authors a freedom to license their files under their own terms and at the price they see appropriate for that type of license.

License Upgrade Prices

You can choose different upgrade prices for every type of license: Regular, Single and Multiple Commercial. This option will appear when uploading a component, in the Set Prices tab. This is the price your customers will pay to upgrade to a higher version of license for one of the components that they have already purchased. If you only set an upgrade price for the Regular license, then the prices for the other two licenses will be automatically set. If you set "zero" for an upgrade price of a license then the upgrade for that specific license will be free.

Invoices and Taxes

The DevelopGo.Com  marketplace is only an intermediate between authors and buyers and we shall not be held responsible for issuing or remitting formal invoices to the buyers. Under the terms of the Legal Act, the author must provide invoice to the buyers. This applies to self-employed persons that can also legally issue bills. Therefore, we now provide you with an arrangement for issuing bills to customers.

You can select from My Account/ Orders& Invoices the method of providing invoices to your customers that best suits you. You can:

  • make bills available to the buyers: invoices will be available for download in both the your and the buyer's accounts;
  • send bills to the buyers: buyers will have to send you an e-mail requesting for invoices.

Invoices will contain the name of the products sold, the quantity, invoice amount, name, and other identifying information of both authors and buyers. The selling invoices generated automatically by our system will be available in your DevelopGo.Com account: My account/ Financial/ Invoices. Invoices can be viewed and/or downloaded in a .pdf format.

Author's Rights and Responsibilities

Offering Support

In case an author does not offer support for his files and does not reply to the client in a maximum of 3 working days, then DevelopGo.Com has the right to apply penalties. We are refering especially to support provided for files that have bugs, errors or do not work properly. Depending on the time spend by the FC team to solve the errors of the file, the penalties can be between $50 and up to $300.

Advertising on Flash Components website

For details regarding our advertising options, please contact us at sales[at]developgo.com.

Commercial Links

Every author/ user on DevelopGo.Com  can include a link redirecting to his website and/or blog as long as these do not compete with our marketplace, meaning it does not (in)directly sell Flash/ Flex/ AIR/ HTML5/PHP/Wordpress/Javascript/jQuery, etc, components. One link can redirect to your presentation website and one to the personal blog, and these can be included from your account, by updating your profile.

In return, you have to put a link/ banner/ badge on your website's homepage redirecting to either www.DevelopGo.Com  or to your personal portfolio on DevelopGo.Com . On the other hand, please keep in mind that we do not allow posting links or hyperlinked banners in the profile description that redirect outside FC. Moreover, all links included in the archives will only redirect to your author portfolio on DevelopGo.Com  and you will not include outside links.

The reason we included this rule was to improve the navigation on our website and make it easier for visitors to find out more about authors or other members using DevelopGo.Com .

We reserve the right to apply a penalty of up to $3000 and/ or the exclusion of a user from the website (based on the gravity of the situation) in case he does not abide to all rules presented on DevelopGo.Com 

Copyright Policy

In case one of your components has been reported for copyright violation and it is discovered to be a valid infringement upon investigation, the following penalties will be applied:

1. If this is your first reported component, then:

  • The file in case will be removed from DevelopGo.com or DevelopGo.Com 
  • You will be forbidden to access your author account for a period of two weeks.
  • You will pay a $300 fine, detained from your sales.*
  • The profit generated from the sales of the product(s) reported for copyright violation will be detained.*
  • All of your other components from the website will continue to be sold.

In case you don't have that amount in your account, it will be detained from you future sales.

2. If this is your second deflection, then all the penalties from 1. will be applied, with the mention that instead of a $300 fine, you will pay a $1000 fine, detained from your sales.

Please read carefully the definition of copyright for a better understanding.

"Copyright is a form of intellectual property that gives the author of an original work exclusive right for a certain time period in relation to that work, including its publication, distribution and adaptation, after which time the work is said to enter the public domain. [...] Some jurisdictions also recognize "moral rights" of the creator of a work, such as the right to be credited for the work. Copyright is described under the umbrella term intellectual property along with patents and trademarks.[...] Copyright has been internationally standardized, lasting between fifty to a hundred years from the author's death, or a shorter period for anonymous or corporate authorship. [...] Generally, copyright is enforced as a civil matter, though some jurisdictions do apply criminal sanctions." You can find the full definition on Wikipedia.

Regarding the Flash, JavaScript, HTML5, jQuery, WordPress, and other web design creations, copyright applies to both design and source code of the creation. Therefore, if the design idea or the functionality of the creation or both are copied, then we consider that we're dealing with a copyright infringement case. We also consider copyright infringement if the design or the functionality of the Flash product resemble in a high percentage with another design product or interactive design product created before.

Depending on the gravity of the copyright infringement, the author can be excluded from the DevelopGo.com or DevelopGo.Com Network. In case the amounts mentioned above cannot be recuperated from the author's sales, by accepting the website's terms and conditions, the author is obliged to pay all the penalties himself, otherwise we will take legal actions to recover the debts.

The author must continue with his normal activity, and it case he refuses to offer support to his current customers, the penalty is twice as big as the above mentioned penalties. If the author is not excluded from the DevelopGo.com or DevelopGo.Com Network, he then has the right to continue uploading his components to our website.

Informative links:





The tutorial can be about any type of component or instructions, but must be of good quality and related to Flash, HTML5, jQuery, WordPress, PHP or any other interactive technology.

How to submit

Submit basic or advanced tutorials in any document format you like (Word, HTML documents, text files etc.). Just send the files to contact@DevelopGo.Com  or upload them from your author-account.


The tutorial should follow some simple guidelines in order to be read and used easily by your visitors.

1. Create useful tutorials - the suggestion is to make sure the tutorial is about a common problem or tool, a popular question ("how to" type of tutorials) and that it provides a solution in that specific area.

2. Describe the tutorial in two-three sentences - write a brief description about the tutorial, so your visitors would know what's it about and what will be the result.

3. Provide a tutorial example - think about including an image with the result of the tutorial, so that your visitors will know how the project should be like at the end.

4. Step by step instructions - write simple, easy to follow instructions while avoiding elaborated details and unnecessary information.

5. Describe the code lines - take in consideration that the readers are frequently beginner developers and it would be very helpful for them to understand what has been done and why.

6. Use images, links, videos - use as many additional explanation tools as needed, either they're photos, videos or links to other helpful resources.


 The submitted tutorials belong exclusively to you, and you can send them to any other websites without having  to receive permission from anyone on this site.

You will get full credit for having written the work and you can have maximum 2 links to your website and other relevant links to sustain your demostration.