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Posted by : awesty on Jun 28, 2008



3:[/st]Ok, now that we've created our Linearly-filled rectangle at the edge of the stage, as shown in Fig 7, we are going to add a new layer, on which we will add our motion-tweened text.

- Insert a new layer, call it Text. [list][li]Add a line of Text using the Text Tool (T). [/li][/list][list][li]Add MotionTween to the line of Text that you've just created. Make it scroll from right to left. [/li][/list][list][li]Rearrange the layers, make the Edge layer on top of the Text Layer, as shown in Fig 8. [/li][/list]

4:[/st]At this point we have only faded one edge of the stage (the left edge). Let's now fade the other edge of the stage.[list][li]The simple way of doing this is by just copying/pasting and horizontally flipping our exisiting rectangle. (Modify - Transform - Flip Horizontal)[/li][/list]So, now we have two linearly-filled rectangles on both sides of the stage. Your result should look similar to Fig 10.

[list][li]Now change your stage background color to white, matching the color used to fill the rectangles, in my case white.[/li][/list][list][li]Test your movie (Control - Test Movie) and your result should look like the initial demonstration movie on the first page of this tutorial. [/li][/list]##### Conclusion:[/st]Here's a summary of what we did in this tutorial:[list][li]Using the Rectangle Tool, we drew a rectangle on one edge of the stage.[/li][/list][list][li]Filled the rectangle with Linear type of Fill, from solid to transparency.[/li][/list][list][li]Added a new layer with a motion-tweened text, scrolling from left to right. [/li][/list][list][li]Duplicated the rectangle, flipped it and positioned it on the right edge of the stage. [/li][/list][list][li]Rearranged the layers, the Edge layer positioned above the Text Layer. [/li][/list]Try to use the same effect for a vertically-scrolling text and see how it goes.

That's it! Hope you enjoyed this simple tutorial.

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